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    My financial guru is better than yours

    Is your financial planner as serious about you having a great retirement as you are?  Does he or she have your friends thinking that your money grows on trees?  We are looking for the very best financial folks in Parker County to feature in our June issue.  If you know and work with the very best please let us know - we need people who know a stock from a stock show!  A bond from a bundt cake.

    Twice every weekday, our News Blast is the best source of news in Parker County. Covering crime, punishment, events and happenings, it's the one source for in-the-know people. 


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    Parker County Today magazine hosts several special events per year and we're always looking for great companies to help us celebrate, honor heroes, raise money for great charities or introduce leaders who help make Parker County great.  It's a great way for you to publicize your business with our readers and other business leaders.  Call the office at 817-599-4664 for information.

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    I love my vet:

    Our May issue will focus on the best vets in Parker County.  If you have a great vet that loves your pets, click on the button below and nominate him or her for

    our April issue!


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