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Horizon Awards

Parker County's top 13 under 21 for 2023


Parker County Today hosted The Seventh Annual Horizon Awards on March 9, at the splendid Doss Heritage and Culture Center, celebrating young people in our community who are doing amazing things.  Baker’s Ribs catered the event.

The young people honored at the event have not been blessed with many years, but have definitely been blessed with the ability to deal with adversity.  The past three years have brought a pandemic, lockdowns, adjustments in how education took place, economic changes – and not for the better -, social media that is pervasive and sometimes invasive, and all this on top of the normal teenage angst that all young people experience.  If our youth can experience all that and still look ahead with hope for a bright future, then they truly are blessed with a strong constitution.  We’re so impressed that we decided to honor some of the most outstanding under 21s.

It’s really uplifting to think about all of the talent, hard work and determination this group has achieved.

I found a quote from the late actor Christopher Reeve that sums up tonight for me.  “So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” Thank you to all of our winners for striving for that changing horizon and finding joy in a new and different sun.  What you have accomplished thus far is remarkable and we cannot wait to see what all of them do next.


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